I need help


STEPS is an organization that helps very poor and vulnerable children in Uganda. The children live in great misery in different slums in Kampala. Many live on the street and look for food to survive. The children grow up in terrible conditions and have experienced things that no once should experience. They live under all dignity and in enormous poverty and misery.

STEP by STEP, we want to be an outstretched hand to these children and also for their families.

We want to help to keep families together and work both preventive and with help to self-help in various projects. We also help to reunite children with their families or relatives.

For a development for a better future, we believe that education is one of the most important cornerstones.

Thanks to the support from mainly Sweden, many of these children’s living conditions have changed in an amazing way and they can now go to school, get food, clothing and health care.


Make a difference


Our amazing dance group have done a new video that called OUR STORY! From suffering in the slum to a life filled with joy, happiness, education and future!!