Kläder till gatubarn

New clothes to the street children

Today I got our oldest guys to help me to go to the slums to hand out two large bags of clothes and shoes we received from Sweden to the street children. They were noticeably moved when they now themselves helped others who are struggling. I brought the teenagers that now have been with our organization since beginning. They all have been living in misery, but now thanks to STEPS have had their lives changed.
To go down to the ghetto and handing out clothes and shoes to these vulnerable children is an emotional experience. Both seeing how miserable life situations they live in, but also to see the amazing joy of getting a new clean clothing! Sore feet can now walk in shoes so they can be healed. Thanks everybody at home who donated clothes and shoes in various ways, and those who sent an extra gift enabled us to buy T-shirts, pants and sandals here at this place.
What a joy to be able to bring happiness to those who need it most!

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