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Rehabilitation center and school for steetkids!

We feel a great concern for street kids who don`t have anywhere to go.They live under unworthy conditions in Kisenyi slum in Kampala. Many have run away from home because of poverty and lack of food or other circumstances in the home. The misuse of alcohol in Uganda is almost the highest in the world,so it is sometimes a lot of violence and abuse in the home situations.

The children end up on the streets hoping to find food. They sniff paraffin or airplane fuel to still their hunger, to avoid the coldness of the night, or feeling the pain of violence they experience from the street. The children are very dirty and unfortunately often badly treated of by both polis and society, because they steel and sleep in public places. It is mainly the polis who shoo them away and beat them.
The children have nowhere to go and drift around trying to find some food. They dig among rubbish, hoping to find something to eat or something they can sell. Often they are abused in different ways. They sleep on small pieces of cardboard or directly on the dirty ground. Sometimes they look for protection under cars or drains…
No love, hard climate, lack of food, no school, no hope. We want to meet these needs in the best sort of way. No child should live like this!


We are now happy to announce that we have bought 12 acer of land 4,5 miles outside Kampala.

After lots of research into how we can in the best way go forward to help these extremely vulnerable streetchildren to achieve a better future, we now building a rehabilitation center for street kids. Also a possibility to study for those with reading and writing difficulties. A home where they can get away from the street life. To live at the center for 1-2 years for rehabilitation. A place where they can receive care, encouragement, someone who listens, counseling, healthcare, food and education. After rehabilitation they shall hopefully be able to connect with their families again and live together with them. If their own family is missing or if it is not a suitable home for them we will try to find a relative or foster home for them. A child should not grow up in an institution, but, as far as possible, be reunited with their family.

We work extra hard with children to be reunited with family or relatives. We are also work preventive to support these single moms financially so that they can have a sustainable life situation so that the mother/ child can live together.

The plot of land is 12 acre and already cultivated. We can therefore be self sufficient. There are many banana trees.They are called matoke which is a type of banana and Ugandas biggest cultural dish.When it’s cooked it resembles mashed potatoes which is served together with beans. We are able to grow our own food and that helps us to have lower costs. The children will also learn practical skills helping in the garden.

Now the building is soon finished!!!!
It is with great enthusiasm we are soon finished the buildings. Here are the plans for the main house. Apart from that, there is toilets, kitchen and staff quarters.




DSC07633 055DSC08246


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We looking forward to first providing rehabilitation, love and care and then reuniting them with their family and let them go to school!



Jesus said: “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Matthew 19:14